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VENZO Secure Incident Manager

VENZO Secure Incident Manager



Address the surveillance challenges of many scenarios including law enforcement, transportation, city surveillance and retail with VENZO Secure’s Incident Management plugin for Milestone XProtect.

Incident Manager complements the Milestone VMS enabling an advanced mechanism for both the cataloging of Incidents and the storing of associated evidence in a single easy to search interface.

This easy to use intuitive plugin allows the grouping of video and other source material into a single incident and classification of that incident to enhance summary reporting.

Each Incident can be easily enhanced with customizable fields via the Milestone Management Client to allow each install to be tailored to the customer’s needs.

Operators can start an “evidence logging” workflow directly from within the Smart Client which records and logs all operator activity.

The incident itself can be classified according to the nature of the event with corresponding notes and logs and then exported from the system using a simplified incident export process.

Incident Manager also includes advanced mapping functionality with postcode lookup and a new intuitive means of handling multi-level buildings.