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Hardware | Professional Services | Milestone Software Integrations
Oil & Gas Middle East
Custom Integration / Hardware / Professional Services
Thousands of cameras sprawling across the country with kilometres of pipeline, hundreds of oil rigs, several distribution hubs and central command centre. Powered by VENZO Secure Hybrid, Management and Analytics servers.
Royal Arena Copenhagen
Danish Distributor partners with VENZO Secure to ensure the best in breed hardware powered by the Hybrid Series is designed and implemented to enable a new Milestone integrator. The Danish Royal Arena is a multifunctional arena, capacity for 16,000 guests.
London Casino
Hardware / Support Services
Prestigious London Casino powered by VENZO Secure Hybrid, Management and Client Series. Additional services including as a service financing and monthly support 24/7 service ensure peace of mind in an environment that demands continuous uptime.
Formula 1 Baku
Professional Services
VENZO Secure provides Formula 1 Baku with Professional Services to accelerate performance through new technology solutions. Every microsecond counts with F1 cars traveling at speeds up to 375 km/h.
The Port of Antwerp
Professional Services
"Professional Services have been instrumental in this project. With their help complex installations can be put in operation. We really recommend this service as it has been great to discuss and brainstorm on the future on our installation.” Electronics Engineer
Premier League Football Stadium
Professional Services
English Premiership League football stadium entrusts VENZO Secure to recover from a targetted security hack that resulted in a non-functioning Milestone Xprotect Corporate installation, corrupted SQL Server and MediaDB. Protecting up-to 40.000 spectators.